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Creative Team

Johan Heurgren

Director, Film Photographer, Producer & Scriptwriter

Johan have 30 years of experience in film production and is the founder of Aware Stories. His heart beats for telling stories about people and important issues, and he is passionate about nature and beautiful sceneries - both on film and in real life.

Mats Hannerz

Doctor of Forest Science, Journalist &

Torbjörn Allard

Film Photographer, Animator & Musician

Expert in nature, forest, and environmental issues and has been working together with Johan on many recent film projects.

Has worked on numerous films together with Johan.

Mats Omne

Producer, Director, Editor

Has worked with Johan in numerous productions.

Kristoffer Elfström


Kristoffer has been editing numerous documentaries for the television

António Malheiro

Film photographer

Runs a TV production company in Lisbon. 

Ronald Heu

Composer, Guitarist & Performer.

A true nature lover. Creates music and ambiance that is connected to the atmosphere.

Ana Sofia Batista

Production Assistant & Psychologist.

Isak Kotevski

Digital Communication & Web Creator.

Fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Joel Engde

Film Photographer & Drone Pilot

Educated forest man that has wrorked with Johan on many productions. Experience from numerous TV productions.

Peter Lindgren

Artist & Photographer

An avid environmentalist. 

Mikkel Stroebech

2D & 3D Animator 

Tons of fantastic work in his portfolio. Done numerous projects together with Johan

Scientific Team & Advisors

Lars Högbom

Biologist, Scientist & Associated Professor at SLU

Has worked on several films with Johan in numerous countries.  He is a passionate photographer. He has received awards together with Johan at film festivals in Germany and France for a film about a more environmentally friendly forestry

Martyn Futter

Associate Professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

30 years of scientific experience with water, water management, and water pollution in Sweden, Canada, and the UK. At the moment he also works with Johan on a film about wetlands.

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