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We  have been producing films for more than 30 years
Here you find a selection of them.

The film has been awarded at the environmental film festival Deauville Green Awards in France and at World Media Festival in Germany.

One of three documentaries about accidents on farms and what we can do to avoid them. We meet farmers that have been unlucky and we understand how fast everything can change. The films have been awarded at different festivals worldwide. 

A short documentary about humanistic confirmation. We did spend some days with a fantastic group of young teenagers.  

One in a series of portraits of people who experienced brain injuries. In the films, we see good examples of exercises, both for patients and relatives. 

In the film, we travel in Sweden and meet scientists, landowners, and contractors who show there are clear-cutting alternatives. The film is awarded at World Media Festival in Germany.

Teaser for a series of films about buying a farm. Client Danske Bank

Trailer for a film about wetland under production. Premiere december 2023

Introduction for the serie of eight films ”Säker i skogen”. The films highlights the dangers in working in the forestry sector. With the series we want to make the viewer aware and give tips on how to avoid getting injured. 

Scene from  Our Common Water

Music Ronald Heu

Release fall 2023

Part of Our common water Animation by Mikkael Strobeck Music Ronald Heu

Part of OCW. Now in production. Release fall 2023 Music Ronald Heu

Part of OCW Now in production. Release fall 2023 Music Ronald Heu

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